"Be sure  to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."                                                                            - Abraham Lincoln

Tournament Results

Oral Advocacy
     National Champions

 Full Lists of Yearly Results

2018  Patrick Henry College (Caleb Engle & Chris Baldacci)
Runner-up:  University of Chicago (Henry Filosa & Rebecca Lin)

2017  Patrick Henry College ((Thomas Siu & Meridian Paulton)
Runner-up:  United States Air Force Academy (Kevin Kim & Colleen Slein)
2016  Patrick Henry College (Caleb Engle & Chris Baldacci)
    Runner-up:  Patrick Henry College (Ashlyn Olson & Jacob Van Ness)

2015  Morehouse College (Emanuel Waddell & Rodje Malcome)
    Runner-up:  Patrick Henry College (Claire Rossell & Ben Williamson)

2014 Patrick Henry College (Kayla Griesemer & Blake Meadows)
    Runner-up:  California State University, Long Beach (Ashely Hall and Kyle Maury)

2013  Patrick Henry College (Andrew Ferguson & Katie Tipton)
    Runner-up:   The College of Wooster (Alexi Ehrlich and Amanda Collins)

2012  Patrick Henry College (Andrew Ferguson & J.C. Cartee)
    Runner-up:  The College of New Jersey (Andrew Wallach and Olaniyi Solebo)

2011 Patrick Henry College (Alex Harris and Brett Harris)
    Runner-up:  The College of Wooster (Rachel Shonebarger and Willem Daniel)

2010 Patrick Henry College (Rachel Heflin and Jenna Lorence)
    Runner-up: Baylor University (Erik Baumann and Ray Panneton)

2009 Patrick Henry College (Rachel Heflin and Aidan Grano)
    Runner-up: Patrick Henry College (Brianna Edelblut and Joseph Alma)

2008 The College of Wooster (Katharine McCarthy and Drew Glassroth)    
    Runner-up: Patrick Henry College (Will Glaser and Rebecca Reis)

2007 Armstrong Atlantic State University (Adam Morrison and Brian Dotson)  
    Runner-up: The College of Wooster (James Owens and Michael McMaster)

2006 Patrick Henry College (Brian Wright and Rachel Williams)
     Runner-up: Patrick Henry College (Zachary Gappa and Benjamin Mills)

2005 Patrick Henry College (Peter Kamakawiwoole and Sara Wilson)   
     Runner-up: College of the Holy Cross (Elizabeth Letak and Erin Robert)

2004 University of Texas at Arlington (Andrew Stublefield and Mark Melton) 
     Runner-up: College of the Holy Cross (Elizabeth Letak and Erin Robert)

2003 California State University - Long Beach (Thomas Hartnett and Ja'Nene Hall)  
     Runner-up: Patrick Henry College (Rayel Papke and Matthew du Mee)

2002 Howard Payne University (Rob Welker and Lorianna Anderson)    
     Runner-up: University of North Texas (Leiza Dolghih and Joshua Godbey)

2001 Hardin Simmons College (Marta DeLeon and Sarah Horn)
     Runner-up: Fitchburg State College (Beckett Augat and Michael O'Connell)